Tuesday, 19 November 2013

North by Northwest

Hiking the Casques Isle Trail
Where has the summer gone?  It seems like we had just moved to our new home in Terrace Bay.  Now I look back and it has been 1 year now and ski season is just around the corner.

And a Blue Elephant

Since my last blog post, much has happened. (I don't have enough space to post all our adventures, so here it goes)
I will begin after we returned from our trip to Vancouver Island:

Great Big Sea @ Thunder Bay Bluesfest

June: After flying home from Vancouver, we collected our thoughts, washed our dirty laundry, repacked, loaded up the Jeep and drove south to visit our family and friends.

 A stopover in Mancelona, Michigan to visit our very good friends,
 Jim and Sherry for a few days, we arrive at the beginning...Southern Ontario. Deja Vu...911!  I think this was a bigger scare than the initial 911 call I had to make on our second day in our new home in Terrace Bay. It was 4 am (the magic hour it seems) and Bob could not breathe.  So, off to the hospital again.  Long story short.  The final diagnosis was confirmed.  A blood clot formed in the leg and travelled up to his lung.  Thankfully, it was a quick diagnosis and treatment from the Paramedic to cardiologist.  It could have been fatally worse.  The clot developed from the long travel to Vancouver, return flight, delays, and 15 hour drive from Terrace Bay to Hamilton....all within a compressed time frame.  (a deadly cocktail mix of events) A bump in the road so to speak and only 3 days in hospital taken from our "vacation" 
After the Doc let Bob loose, we carried on. "Nothings going to stop us now" (our wedding song) from Jefferson Starship.  We had a blast visiting with our family and friends.
We apologize to our friends that we did not visit. Promise....next trip back! That was the month of June.  It quickly flew by.

Epic Adventures
Back in Terrace Bay, for July, we made an attempt at gardening.  Our new neighbours, clearly realized we were "Southerners" smiled as we planted too early and the frost had nibbled on our tiny little plants as we replanted again at the end of June. This past summer has been on the cool side, even in North Western Ontario, as our garden suffered. So, we kayaked instead. A better choice indeed.

Reflections of Hays Lake

Lake Superior is such a strong and powerful body of water.  What looks calm and flat from the shore is an illusion.  Trust me on this one.  What seems to be a calm, sunny afternoon on shore, becomes an illusionist's trick as we paddle out to the point in open waters.

 Wolf Eyes

The rollers and winds makes the biggest roller coaster ride seem passive. After a few adrenalin surges, we found Hays Lake and Whitesand Lake, both interior and much more calm.  It still amazes me how much there is to experience, all within a few kilometres around us. 
The photos will express the serenity and beauty of the waters.

Lunch time At Hays Lake
 We floated as a couple of Bald Eagles soared above our boats.  Oh, and the blueberries!  A Sea of blue pearls!  And delicious.

August:  company's comin'....and a trip to Neys Provincial Park. It's chillin' time on the beach.  One of the most beautiful beaches in Canada. (our opinion only) at Neys Provincial Park. For a week our life revolves around the biggest freshwater lake in the world. So, during that week Sherry and I built a fort on the beach. Once completed, our luxury shelter now all equipped with seating for 6, paddle up bar and wind resistant dining area. It was a short week for sure.

The Gang in our new Fort

Jim and Sherry returned to Terrace Bay with us to spend a few extra days, hiking and foraging for Saskatoon Berries, Blue Berries, and anything that looks edible.  Jimmy will eat almost anything.  A worry for Sherry.


The girls

September: Good friends Maureen and Cheryl come for a week long menopause pyjama party!  WOW... heat, energy, laughter and poor Bob!

Mo and baking bread

Chef Cheryl and fresh baked bagels 
And then....  Back to Southern Ontario.  This time, ambulance free!  And about time.  Bob has a clean bill of health, 130% recovered and better than ever!  Thanks to Dr. Czolpinski for being there for both of us. 

A very special visit with our family as we celebrated 5 birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Bob & The kids, almost all of them!
All complete with a fully decorated tree! 

After our Christmas, Birthday celebration we headed off to the "Farm" to spend a few days .... a surprise birthday wine tour with our very special friends Roland and Carol.  Potato Beer, A Blue Elephant, Wind Farms and fond memories. 

Happy Birthday Bob & Cat (with Roland & Carol)

Where is the impaired parking?
Life is so special.

October: Regroup and training for ski season.   YES......YES..........It's onward and Westward. Back to British Columbia.  Panorama, here we come. The razor is tucked away, the hair is longer (Bob) and in a pony tail.... training has begun.
 This year, we will be house sitting for good friends in Windermere. Our season's passes are hot and ready to go.  We have been training at the gym, hiking and climbing Trestle Ridge ski hill, daily here in Terrace Bay. My very special friend, Louise is my inspiration to get out each and almost every day as we both work hard, turning flubber into muscles, building stamina, include a rant or two, and just having fun (sweat included)

so, in the meantime....we wait, watch for falling snowflakes, train our bodies and dream of another glorious season North by Northwest my friends.

Boredom is non existent if you are willing to play outside.