Saturday, 24 March 2012

Celebrate, Celebrate.......Dancin' to the Music

Friends of the Mountain & Mountain Friends (On the slopes gang)....
Yes, one hundred glorious (injury free) days skiing.  Bob, despite his injuries, celebrates day # 61.
Everyone gathered at the base to celebrate my goal.

It wasn't official until my pass was scanned, jumped on the lift and skied down, "Show Off" back to the base.  This is just the beginning.  Have we set the new standard for next season? 

Renee' with the keys to my new car...
We think so....We will both be well seasoned ski bums by the end of our adventure.  We'll need to graduate with our "ski bum" degree.  There is still work to be done.  Practise, Practise and more Practise.  The hair is growing.  Bob is almost ready for a pony tail! The skier's tan is darkening despite all the sunscreen. 
The grocery bill is rising as each day passes by.  We have skied so much, it is easier to slide down the mountain than it is to walk on a flat surface these days. 

It is now spring with record snowfall.  Each day we ski we awake to new conditions, cool mornings, warm afternoons and every changing snow.  We have winter conditions at the summit.  As we traverse down the mountain, it become spring and we feel the warmth as the temperature quickly rises as we decent.  The patio is crowded with smiles and jugs of beer and music.

 I was presented the keys to my new "Snowy White Porche" by Renee' & Sharna, who designed this limited edition of the winter car to my specifications.
How do you like my new Porche?
And, it is a convertible!  New skis and now a new Snow White Car.  Or is it a Snow Car?
Thanks Everyone.
the Bat and the Cat
It will be Bob's turn next year.  He will also see 100 days of skiing. 

Sharna out for a test drive

After our morning celebration, we skied until our bellies growled for lunch.  Another celebration with our good friends Frank, Nan and their family at the T Bar for a great lunch.

Back to skiing.....

Tomorrow, we will have a day off.  These legs are tired.  (and we need more too!)

Celebrate, Celebrate,  Dancin' to the Music

Slippin' away, skiing on a pillow
Waitin' for snow to fall
A girl and a dream, skiing on a pillow
This is the night to go to the celebrity ball

Satin and lace, isn't it a pity
Didn't find time to call
Ready or not, gonna make it to the city
This is the night to go to the celebrity ball

Dress up tonight, why be lonely?
You'll stay at home and you'll be alone
So why be lonely?
Skiing' alone, skiing' on a pillow
Waitin' to climb the walls
Maybe tonight, depending how your dream goes
She'll open her eyes when she goes to the celebrity ball

Dress up tonight, why be lonely?
You'll stay at home and you'll be alone
So why be lonely?
Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music
Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ride E'm Cowboy

Volunteers from The Calgary Stampede
It's Stampede Days at Panorama. 

The volunteers from the Calgary Stampede are here to promote the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede, held in July (of course) Calgary.

Harry the Horse

We met "Harry the Horse" wandering through the village.  He is the official mascot of the Stampede.
Ride 'em Cowboy!!!!
Outdoor activities include: lasso the pig.....

Rope that pig!



A Rifle shoot and live entertainment by L8, a local group here in Invermere.
Yes, we actually took the afternoon of from skiing. 
All the festivities were too much to resist.

With all the new snow, our legs needed a break. Bob and I both have powder skis.  Yes, another pair... How the story goes, Bob purchased a new pair and was so impressed how they handled in the deep powder, he suggested I try them out.  "I don't think so...If I like them, you know what will happen!"  Well, I am the proud owner (again) of a new pair of skis.  They are fabulous!  Skiing a big mountain in various conditions, it is recommended to have 2 pair of skis.  Ski bums habitually collect skis..... WE are adjusting to the ski bum society.  Long hair.....Long underwear......Long, Fat skis. 
Barry, up to his knees

The fun begins in the powder with our new sticks.  I have the ladies version of Bob's S7 Rossignol.  Both pairs are 168cm in length.  They float on the snow as we glide down the hill.
Bob & Mike looking for new tracks...and found them!!!
 Now, we look even harder for the deep white fluffy snow.  Any excuse to try out the fat skis.
Lots of snow to be found
A new avalanche .......more to come as the snow falls

And again, it is still snowing......

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The World Competes

 Panorama was the host Mountain for the International Paraolympic Alpine Skiing World Cup. What can I say? These athletes are all inspiring. 

Men's Visually Impaired
Men's Combined Standing

They do not have disabilities, they have inspiration for the sport. 
They are ALL CHAMPIONS, not just in sport, but in life as well. 
Here are the results:

Men's Super Combined Visually Impaired
1.  Haraus, Miroslave                SUK
     Guide: Zodovicova, Maria
2.  Santacana Maiztegui, Yon    ESP
     Guide: Galindo Garces, M
3.  Gorce Yepes, Gabriel Juan   ESP
     Guide: Ferrier Ventura, Ja
Women's Visually Impaired
Women's Visually Impaired

Women's Super Combined Visually Impaired
1.  Farkasova, Henrieta              SUK
     Guide: Subrtova, Natalia
2.  Frantseva, Alexandra            RUS
     Guide: Zabotin, Pavel
3.  Umstead, Danielle                 USA
     Guide: Umstead, Robert

Men's Combined Sitting
Men's Super Combined Standing
1.  Hall, Adam                            NZL
2.  Gauthier-Manuel, Vincent    FRA
3.  Alyabyev, Alexan                 RUS
Women's Super Combined Standing
1.  Bochet, Marie                       FRA
    2.  Rothfuss, Andrea                  GER
3.  Corradini, Melania                ITA
Men's Super Combined Sitting
1.  Walker, Tyler                        USA
2.  Mori, Taiki                            JPN
3.  Suzuki, Takeshi                     JPN
Women's Combined Sitting

Women's Super Combined Sitting
1. Joines, Kimberly CAN
2. Nichols, Alana USA
3. Schaffelbuber, Anna GER

We are all very humbled and proud of all the athletes who competed her this week!!!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Powder Paws...

.......Or is it Powder Pause? 

So, you think it's snowing?
Frank, a good friend suggested a few weeks ago to work on my Powder Paws.  Since I am left handed, I interpeted it as Paws of a Cat walking on the snow. With that suggestion, I would ski like a cat, trying to be light on my feet.

  A couple of days later I realized he meant Powder Pause, as in hesitating your turn and stay in control in the deep powder.  It will take a few weeks more for me to live this one down.  HA HA, yes, this is funny stuff..
Frank, my mentor...I'm practising my paws/pause!!!

Well, today was an extreme powder day!  Bob has demo skiis to play with; Rossignol S7's powder skiis.  We flew through the deep stuff!!!! Bob loves these sticks.  He adapted to the new skiis with no problem and is gliding through the powder without effort, except for the laughter and WO HO YEAH!
 I, of course was looking for fresh tracks (and there are lots of fresh stuff left).  I sure found it, up to my thighs.  Wow, it was fabulous skiing.  All yelps of hilarious giggles throughout the day.
Judy & I have a special relationship.....we're very close & cuddly

Stance: Your knees should be flexed, but shaking slightly; your arms straight and covered with a good layer of goose flesh; your hands forward, palms clammy, knuckles white and fingers icy, your eyes a little crossed and darting in all directions. Your lips should be quivering, and you should be mumbling, "Why?"

A great powder day!!
Bob is a proud new owner of a pair of Powder sticks and he loves them.  It's great to see him enjoying the snow so much after his recovery.  Good timing Bob!

38 cms of snow has fallen in the past 2 days. The rumour in the coffee shop is approximately 94 cms in the last 2 days at the Summit.  Guess where we will be?

Four more days of snow in the forecast. 

More exploring and having fun together is also in the forecast...

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mountain of Hope

Bob and I attended the 6th Annual Mountain of Hope Gala.

This event is brought together by Founder, Neil Carey (Ski and Safety Patrol) with the help of  Panorama Fire Department  volunteering their time throughout the evening.  They  began organizing this fundraiser to help valley residents in need during our tough economy regardless of who they may be.
Everyone needs a bit of help during emergency situations, whether it may be a sick child or a family member suffering with cancer and may need help with travel expenses.  Or it may be a senior citizen who needs additional care.  The Mountain of Hope Society is there for them.
Panorama Fire Department, Terry Grant (Mantracker) and front row: Neil Carey
"We're friends helping friends," Neil Carey of the Mountain of Hope Society stated. "We assist people in the community who have come on difficult times, and don't have other resources to call on."
The evening begins at Chopper's Landing, a beautiful building and dining room and home base for RK Heliskiing.  Appetizers, and a gourmet buffet.  The Volunteers are the men and women from the volunteer fire department on the mountain.  All dressed in their finest uniforms.  Very impressive!  We are entertained by talented musicians playing a variety of acoustic instruments from guitar, double base to woodwind instruments.
Rachel Kimber
Chopper's Landing, offered the venue, and strongly supported by Panorama Mountain Village and staff  volunteered their precious time, all in all, it was a wonderful evening and a very special event with proceeds directly forwarded to this wonderful society.
Neil Carey, Bob, Terry Grant (Mantracker)
& Myself
A silent and live auction raised substantial funds at the close of the evening.   We were all touched by the generosity of this mountain and town.  Since it's beginning, The Mountain of Hope Society has raised over $60,000.00!!!
And a special visit by Mantracker himself, Terry Grant, a great supporter of Mountain of Hope. also, filmed an episode from his TV series at Panorama. 

On a sad note:
  We pay tribute to two skiers who passed away doing what they love, skiing.  First Sarah Burke, Freestyle (1982 - 2012), Whistler, British Columbia,  and most recent, Nick Zoricic, Ski Cross (1983 - 2012)Craigleith, Ontario.
Ski safe......our prayers for the families of both Sarah and Nick.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

Off we go to Tayton Bowl: B2
Giggles, Wiggles and Squiggles...
Four Chicks on Sticks and the morning of fresh powder is ours.

Off we go to Tayton Bowl and a morning filled with diamonds.  Yes, diamonds are a girls best friend.  Double Diamonds.

up to our knees in fresh snow!
It was nice to play together on such a sunny powder day.  A warm up at the top and a run or two down some diamonds and it was a hike to Tayton.  B2, a good introduction to the bowl.  We have myself, Lindsay from Prince Edward Island, Deb, a local and instructor from Invermere (Panno) and Marita, visiting from Oregon, US.  And, unusual as it may be, we let Richard, Marita's husband join us as the token male of the day.  Some one had to snap the photos. 

Morning Sun and Snow

Spring is in the air as the days are getting longer, the afternoon sun warms the soul and lightens your heart as our cheeks begin to tan
in contrast to the white snowy surrounding us.
Yes, we love our men, but it is great to get out with the girls.  We are not Princesses, we are Queens of the mountain!!!!  (if only for a day...)

Two days later, we hiked back up to Tayton Bowl into Never Neverland. The same glorious sun that warmed our faces had turned Champagne powder into heavy sticky sugar.  It was not such an easy trek through the bumps and trees.  First turn and a head plant.  We all struggled that morning...  A new season approaches.

Enjoying the sun on the deck at Mile One Hut
Anyway, back to our ski day.  After our girls morning out, it was back to meet Bob for lunch.  It is great to be back skiing together.  A date with Bob in the afternoon.  He is still not allowed to fall and risk re-injury, so we are keeping to the groomers, small bumps and trees for another few weeks.
We were Skiing Roy's Run and were watching Mt. Brewer for avalanche slides.  Spectacular!   A puff of snow in the distance and there it was, a slide.  Then a few minutes later, another one.  It looks like you cut the snow with a pastry knife as it slide down the mountain.
Bob and Cathy on a date.

The perfect afternoon complete with a glass of wine at the Mile One Hut on the deck!

Monday, 5 March 2012

So, You think Skiing is Better Than...........

SEX.  Well, I'll let you be the judge.

Top 10 Reasons Skiing is Better Than Sex

10. Choice of day or night
9. You pay once to go up and down all day
8. Skis are always hard
7. You have your choice of expert or beginner
6. You always get picked up when in line
5. Waxing is painless lasts for days
4. Vertical is better than horizontal
3. You can ride more than 2 skiers at a time
2. Lessons are available from anyone
1. Abundance of virgin territory

The only things in life that are certain are death, taxes...and an accident blocking the road on the way to your favourite trail.

Four score and seven years ago, our forefathers...could only dream of telemark turns.

I have a dream...of skiing in endless powder.

Give me liberty or give avalanche.

Good things come to people who wait...but those that jump in early usually get good powder too.

The meek shall inherit the earth...the aggressive shall dominate the slopes.

Many are chosen but few come...when the trails are fresh during the work week.

Once you are 50, it is downhill all the way!

And as I write this blog, it is snowing;  18 cm already and much more on its way.  We are both going downhill.............skiing, of course.
The Enchanted Forest

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bows and Arrows

Archery!  Every Wednesday night at the Invermere Community Centre, the members of the Rod and Gun club host archery.  Newcomers, beginners and experienced are all welcome.  So, what does a ski bum do for entertainment? .... Why not  shoot at some targets?

Robinhood himself (Bob Walker) and I (Maid Marion?)
Remember, Skier's rules:
Early to bed,
Early to rise,
Strap on the sticks,
Look up at the skies..
(for snow, of course)

Bob the Archer
Bob Walker, a good friend and a member of the Rod and Gun club, introduced us to the group.  The ages range from approximately 5 years old to super senior.  (Super Senior is over the age of 75)  It's a goal to reach this wonderful age and still be so active and young at heart.

Bob and I had a great time.  With some instruction, we did manage to hit the targets. We had an assortment of constructed bears, wild turkeys, deer, and of course stuffed burlap sacks with balloons.  And yes, they did have a bow for a left hander!  We found new muscles to work on as well as proper form to pull the bow. 

Norm and Grandchildren

The town of Invermere is a small community with a vast variety of events happening each night.  People of all ages join in the fun.  Children are welcome and yes, they can stay up past their bedtime and enjoy spending time with their families.  This beats sitting in front of the television watching  senseless programs.

And, we were back in time for bed, an effort to stay awake until 10:00 p.m.  An early ski day tomorrow.
Bob is back on his sticks and ready to go.  Groomers only....but not for long.  He will be back in the trees, steeps and bumps. 
March (we are told) is the best part of ski season.  With the sun hanging around a little longer each day, the warm afternoons at the summit, soft new snow to play in and suntanning at beer o'clock, it will be another great day....

A Warming afternoon at the Panno Village
Yes, my knitting addiction continues.  What will I knit next?  Possibly another ski hat?