Friday, 14 December 2012

Just put your Heart into it!

Lake Superior, Pumphouse Beach
Since we are not yet skiing the big snow, we are thinking of opening day at Panorama.  Friday 14 December 2012. 
We will miss the sleepless night before the first official ski day of the season.  Except this year....
We are both very grateful and blessed to have a new lease on life.  A gift of sorts.
Bob is recovering very well.  We have joined the gym in Terrace Bay.  The Doc does not want Bob walking up hill, or walking in snow or ice.   Well, in Terrace Bay, it is uphill in both directions.  And yes, it has been snowing for the last three days.  I have been also shovelling the last three days.  This is not a complaint, just an excuse to play outside.

Northern Sundog 

Put you heart into it and you will have a blast!!!! (Ask me this question in a few weeks, with many more days of white fluffy snow in the forecast) 

Myself and Bob (skinny, but mighty strong!)
As for Bob, he is walking the treadmill daily. Today: 22 minutes as he increases his speed and distance each day.  Not bad for three weeks post op recovery!
A few days ago, we hiked in the bush, yes pure Canadian wild bush, hunting for that perfect Christmas tree.  We found the perfect one....skinny, just like Bob.

Skinny, but strong

  He is slowly gaining back his weight and strength.  That skinny tree is also strong as it is supporting all our Christmas decorations, some collected since I was a tiny ski bum in training.  All with meaning and memories of past, present and future.
Two new treasures were added to our skinny tree this year.  One from a very special little girl, Olivia who quietly placed the packaged treasure at Bob's bedside in ICU the day after his open heart surgery.  Thank you Olivia for such a special Christmas gift.  It hangs in a very special place on our skinny Bob Tree. The other, well, remember my addiction?  Knitting of course, and thanks to another very special friend, Jean (aka: Tigger) for the knitter's delight!

The perfect tree!

Life in Terrace Bay: 
Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking, plus all the indoor winter sports, hockey, curling, bowling etc. and 'Happy Hour"  We will be participating in most winter sports, especially the happy hour.  Put your heart into it and PLAY outside. "Stay Thirsty my friend!"
 Sun, snow and a crisp -10 to -15 Celsius....a perfect winter day.  Remember any temperature between -30 to +30 and you can play outside.  Bundle up and go.....It's an outdoor playground here. 
Life at the beach, no crowds, and yes I know it is winter, but the trees, rocks and water is enticing even at these temperatures.
Northern Sunset in Terrace Bay

We have yet begun to explore the hiking trails.  A life time of exploring is ahead of us.  Good timing to explore since the bears are now sleeping.  We will be following the snowshoe rabbits' trail in the woods behind us.  This time I will try to jump over the rabbit, not like last season in the Enchanted Forest.  Remember the "White Rabbit?"

Today, it will be Christmas baking.  A good way to spend an afternoon.  Cookies and Beer, or maybe a hot chocolate and amaretto.  Decisions...Decisions....

Life at the beach

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  1. So good to have the update, beautiful pictures of you both and of the icy snowscape around you. Warmest wishes to you both for a continued recovery and happy holidays.