Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Aquariums and Ukee Dogs

Thanks Nicky & Chris
 Our anniversary began with breakfast served to our room.   "Breakfast in Bed"  This hasn't happened in years.

 Not since the girls brought me breakfast for Mother's Day.  Cheerios, toast and tea.... I think?
Sunflower Starfish
We drove to Ucluelet where we visited the Aquarium.  This facility is the only catch and release aquarium in the world.  As we entered the building we saw row upon row of tanks filled with mysterious creatures of the deep.  Majestic Colour!
Wow, I never would have expected to see such vibrant colours painted on these moving objects.  Sea cucumbers, sunflower starfish, hermit crabs, algae, octopus, and more.

Hermit Crabs

We had the opportunity to hold starfish, catch a crab in the open tanks. 
Did you know starfish can grow back their legs, if they have been broken or used as a snack for a hungry seagull?  They also tickle the hands when held.  Their tiny feet try to latch on to you skin. 

Sunflower starfish with baby
After the salty visit, our hands washed, and hungry, we visited Ukee Dogs.... they were expecting us. (the story behind this is:  Good friends in Thunder Bay, Al and Fran's best friend's daughter, Paige owns Ukee Dogs with her partner Zane) Al suggested we visit them for lunch.  So, here we are. 
Paige & Zane from Ukee Dogs

Not just your regular hot dog stand!  Fresh baked, organic, free run, vegetarian, raw, vegan, meat lover, healthy and not so healthy chow. (what a mouthful)

Paige suggested Smoked salmon sliders topped with grain fed naturally smoked bacon with a side of organic greens drizzled with Vancouver blueberry balsamic vinegarette.  Yummy in the Tummy.  Everything in the area is locally sourced and fresh.  Especially the fish. 

Ukee Dogs

Unique and unsual shoppes. The murals on the building, are beautiful. Much like the graffiti we found in Spain.  Art in its best form.

mural from Ukee Bike shoppe

Next:  Off to hike the "Wild Pacific Trail" or "Life on the Edge" in Ucluelet.  This trail skirts the rugged west coast of Vancouver Island, where ancient rain forests meets the Pacific Ocean.

Amphitrite Point Lighthouse

Our hike overlooks Barkley Sound and Broken Islands in Pacific Rim National Park. 

We feel like we are in an episode of the Ewok's forest from Star Wars. moved!

Walking under the mossy forest canopy in the misty rain listening to the stormy waves crashing against the rocks.  The Light House sounds the fog to alert sailors (if any are at sea)  The photographs don't even come close to the mythological landscape. 
the land of the Ewok

Trees looking like creatures with their branches winding out to encompass you when your  not looking!    You won't catch me in here after dark, as I was already looking over my shoulder through the misty rain, thinking something was behind me.

Since good food is a priority, and with the recommendation from our wonderful hosts at Harvey House B & B Nicky and Chris; we were told "Shelter" in Tofino was right up our alley.  Seated beside the open fire we enjoyed fabulous local brew, B.C. wine and romantic ambiance. 

Treated to artisan yeast free breads, grain fed chicken, lamb steak with warmed kale, our taste buds were treated to an exquisite evening.
Happy anniversary! a perfect day (even in the rain)
I feel spoiled on this trip............. Breakfast in bed....beaches on the ocean.....fabulous

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