Saturday, 1 June 2013

Botannicals of the west coast

Our last breakfast at Harvey House. 
Of all the places we have stayed, Chris and Nicky have spoiled us, made us welcome and feel at home.  They built this house 7 years ago (all local contractors and materials)  It has become a beautiful home with all their hard work,  nestled within tall cedars, redwoods on Chestermann's Beach.  Again, Thank you!

Chestermann's Beach, Tofino
Thank you Nicky and Chris


Our last day in Tofino before we head south to Victoria.  The Island is bigger than we thought.  Six hours to our next destination.  Mind you, there are NO straight roads. 

Winding, climbing and descending through lush forests (I will call the forests "Land of the Ewok") Mysteriously thick with green.

Old Man's Beard

We spent our last full day visiting the Botanical Gardens in Tofino.  Mysterious.....Hidden creatures among the trees, wood carvings, chickens manicuring the organic herbs.


We couldn't get enough of Cathedral Grove. So, back again. 
This time we hiked the south side.  Well worth the return trip.  Here we came upon the biggest Douglas fir in the park.  800 hundred years old, 9 meters in circumference and 76 meters high. (the Leaning tower of Pizza is 56 meters high) We are dwarfed by the majestic king of the forest.
Largest Douglas Fir

After lunch, we did the tourist trail around the town of Chemainus.  It is know for the beautiful murals painted on all the buildings throughout the town.  Funky and quaint at the same time.
The Japanese community of Chemainus consisted of 300 residents who settled in the valley from 1900 - 1942. Some were mill workers, fisherman and businessmen. 

Their homes were from Maple Street to Esplanade Street.  The Okada settlement was at the south end of the Bay.  In the summer of 1991 a reunion was held to welcome back the former residents; the Japanese Canadian Redress foundation and Communications Canada sponsored some of the murals.

The first recorded export of lumber from Chemainus was on September 25, 1863.  Hard labour was the order of the day as the Chinese bull gangs moved the timber on a 2 wheeled cart from the yard to the sailing vessel.

Chemainus is well worth a visit.  Small things come in great packages!

So, after a long travel day, we landed in Victoria.  Here we will stay a couple of days, as we are coming to the end of our travels to the West Coast of Canada.

An early nite.....we're getting tired.

Chemainus Harbour:  Logging Ship

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