Saturday, 11 January 2014

Miles from Home

1,660 miles or 2653 kms.  from home. It's now 2014 and another season a Panorama.

Before our final trek from Calgary to Panno, we have a few more days to spend with our good friends Stan and Liz. Liz is our tour guide today.

 We started out fairly early that day, hopped the  C train to Downtown Calgary.
Indoor Garden,  Calgary
Calgary architecture

First stop, an indoor garden on the top floor of a shopping mall.  I don't do shopping malls, but this was the exception to my rule.  Absolutely tranquil as we could feel the tropical warmth warming our damp bones.  Before we knew it was time for a quick lunch, then off to the core.

The architecture of this sprawling city was structurally beautiful.

The day flew by, as quick as the night.

It was time to depart and on the road again.  Another blizzard on our last leg of driving.
And, the worst driving conditions we encountered this year. Superstition has it coming in 3's. three days of driving in blizzards!  We crossed the Continental Divide then the road disappeared!  But, safe and sound...time for a cold beer!
Continental Divide 

This year we are house sitting in Windermere.  Bob and I thought it would be a good experience to live off the mountain for a season for comparison. It is approx. 30 km from Windermere to Panorama. Not too bad.  We have been spoiled last season by living on the mountain. A bit more preparing the day.

A few days to recover from the last blizzard and some sound sleep.  Then, up the mountain to pick up our ski gear from Wilhem and Gee.  We all had a great visit and good cup of coffee.  It seemed like yesterday as we were catching up on the last year of mountain life.
"Tumbleweed" & Gee
We met their new member of the family... "Tumbleweed" a pony doomed for the glue factory.  Thank goodness for big hearts as Wilhem and Gee adopted this beautiful 8 year old Pony.

Now, time to check out the scenery, pick up our season's pass and some mountain friends.
Wilhem & Casey (ski bums in training)
 What we thought would only take a few hours, took all day meeting a friendly familiar face every turn of our heads.  It is great to be back to our Western home.
Back at Panorama...with our favorite Mountain Friend
Monday: ski day at Panno. A full day of skiing.  Deb, Don, Richard and Doug are Mountain Friends today.  Well, it's Baptism by Fire as Deb is lead this day. It's a day of moguls, bumps and steeps. Forget the groomed runs as we ski with gusto! 
Bob, "The Silver Fox" the end of the day we limp back home to lick our wounds, eat and crawl into bed.  Just to do it all over again the next day and the day after.
What a life!!!
Deb, Don, Bob, Richard & Doug

Miles from our Home

No one in sight for fifty miles
Sleeping fields sigh as I glide across their spines
If I can just reach the crest of that hill
This whole day will tumble and out the night will spill
The sky is still as a spinning top
Shooting stars drop like burning words from above
If I could just connect all these dots
The truth would tumble like a cynic vexed by love
And yet people keep saying
I'm miles from my home
Miles from my home
I met you again in my sleep last night
And these are days of slow boats and false starts
Hearts remain under lock and key
You will be the one to set them both free
And yet people will tell you
You're miles from your home
Miles from your home
But that's where I want to be
Out there searching
Out here fumbling, out here waiting
For you and you for me
The moon hangs like a question mark
Pale as milk, bold as a promise
When will you share these sights with us?
When will we hold you in our arms?
And people will tell them
We're miles from our home
Miles from our home
Yeah, and people will tell them
We're miles from our home
Miles from our home
Miles from our home, miles from our home
Miles from our home, miles from our home
Miles from our home

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