Thursday, 24 November 2011

Getting Ready!

OK, we did a dry run packing the Jeep.  So far the bear barrels, snow shoes and ski gear fit.  My bucket of knitting won't!  So, more creative packing.  Since my addiction is knitting, it MUST go with me.  Five days travelling in the car will be insane without it, even though we will be sharing the driving.  By the way, the rule is if we can't fit our clothing (enough for 5 months) in the barrels, it doesn't get packed.  Again, creative packing.  How many shoes should I bring?  Bob said 1 pair and 2 pair of undies will do.  I don't think so, unless he changes with me and I change with him and after 2 days, we turn them inside out and backwards!!
Now the kitchen stuff....  The condo is completely furnished with a full kitchen and dishwasher.  I will still be bringing my knives, spices and all dry goods.  The freezer still has meat left.  We are frantically becoming carnivores to lighten the load in the freezer.  It will be defrosted tomorrow.  As for the leftover meat...the girls will have another gift in their stocking...ground beef, soup bones and round steak.
Since we will not be home to celebrate Christmas in December, we have decided to celebrate it on Saturday 26 November instead.  The girls are excited because they get to celebrate Christmas twice.  It's off to the shops to shop for Christmas.  We actually finished in two hours and no malls in sight.  We went during dinner and the shops were empty.  Patrons were either stuck in traffic on Upper James (which is a driving disaster!!) or eating dinner (except for us). It's almos beer time.  Now we wrap presents.  I hate wrapping!  What a waste of pretty paper.  The girls also want a tree.  We will decorate one of our many cactus plants instead.  If Christine is reading this blog, remember the cactus?  We call this very old cactus plant "the old prick" for a good reason.  Christine was visiting and unfortunately backed up into this cactus and OUCH!!! It's to the bathroom with mom (me) and a pair of tweezers to pull out the thorns from her bum.  You wonder why she won't allow cactus in her home.
Back to our trip...
Christmas is on Saturday and we actually found a fresh turkey today, so we are now ready except our house looks like a lifty's dormatory with all the ski gear spread throughout the house.
Time for a beer.....
The packing continues on Sunday.......

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