Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Flatter than Flat

Travel Day # 3 We slept in!! Yea!!!! But only by 1 hour.  We checked out of our motel, by 5:15am. As we were driving out of the parking lot, Bob thought a black cat crossed our path.  Oh no!!.  Really, to our astonishment, it was a black fox.  We have never seen one before.  They are native to the north (we are told)  He was quite large and had a white tip to his tail.  We crossed the Manitoba border at 6:18 am on the Trans Canada Hwy.  We have decided to stay in Canada, since we strongly support our Canadian economy.  Driving this far north we passed the sign for Latitude, Longitude of Canada  96" 48" 35o.  Hope someone can explain this to me.  As we were driving out of Ontario in the dark, the darkest dark, by the way.  It felt like driving through a tunnel.  We missed the Lake of the Woods region. That's OK, we will be retuning the same way in the spring. When the sun did finally rise 8ish or so, the land, it was flat, very flat.
Regina,Saskatchewan grain elevator
We thought, flatter than flat,... as flat as flat can be...flatter than a pancake,  etc.. Now the radio stations.  It has to get better.  We passed through Steinbach, Manitoba and stopped for gas.  The headlines on the news was as listed "local high school; serious outbreak of head lice posted on Facebook"  Keep on driving!!!! Then the song "Feelin Groovy".  Yes, we are truly hippies at heart.  I thought Manitoba was flat, yes, I am repeating myself.  Wait until you see Saskatchewan!!!.
Grenfel, Saskatchewan
  Bob said you can watch you dog run away for three days,  well,  maybe 5 days and he is still in sight.  Not even a tree.  Only silos, trucks and trains.  We travelled through Regina, Moose Jaw and arrived at Little Current.  Thank you Bob for driving through Moose jaw as we did hit black ice and he pulled us out and skidded along.  Yes, it will be 2 beers tonight!  We now are in the land of the Cowboy.  We checked into our room and went to the Lounge and yes, Cowboys discussing the snow fall.  "Gotta be 4 inches of that white stuff and the Highway up there is closed down"  On that note, we went back to our room, had our beer (Kokanee "Glacier Fresh"), ate microwave pizza (from home) and now watching the Hockey game (Toronto/Boston now tied, 2 minutes left in the second period).  Yes, we are truly Canadian.  Tomorrow, if we drive directly to Panorama, we would be on the road for approx. 10 hours drive time.  We will see how the roads are in the morning and keep you posted.
We're almost there.............the journey continues............... 

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