Monday, 13 February 2012

Sixty and a bit Wiffy, Plus my favorite Liftie

Yes, Sixty plus ski days to date and the IceBreaker undies surprisingly are still funk free. Bob's sniff test results are in:  "I think it's time for a wash"  No Funk, but a bit whiffy.  One pair of long undies and a long sleeve under shirt and sixty two days later....I'm impressed!  This stuff wears like iron and comfy, warm and very soft.  No, they don't stand up on their own yet.  New Zealand Merino wool , and it still smells not baaaad.  I think?!!
Para skiing at Outrider run

My new friend Sue in Last Chance Glades
Since I do not wish to loose my new friends, I will be doing some laundry tonite.
And the hair!  Bob's curly white locks are almost pony tail material.  And so are my armpits! Shall I comb my legs tonite?  Who's going to give in first?  That razor is waiting.  A Buzz cut or a shave, what will come first.  Or, can we wait until our return to Ontario?  Time will tell.
Back to skiing:
Tayton Bowl
My ski tally is now 62 days and counting. My skiing has improved ten fold and now I am being adventurous and skiing the double blacks (expert terrain) in the trees, bumps and steep bowls in Tayton.  Yes, I'm hooked on this stuff.  Skiing this type of terrain not only works every muscle in my skeleton, but it works your head.  You need to ski with your brain as well as your body.  You feel alive (since you do realize your mortality...don't make a mistake) Every breath you take is exhilarating!  And the air is 10% less at this elevation to begin with... every breath counts.  Nature is pure at this level.  It's difficult to understand, but every tree, dead and alive has meaning. Every cloud in that deep vibrant sky is special.  Words cannot express the sensation and contrast of heaven and earth.
View from 1,000 Peaks at Sunrise

Igloo building @  the Summit Chair
Our mountain lifties are keeping busy as well as keeping us safe travelling up the mountain.  They are also very creative.  We have snow sculptures, igloos and snow cats and men being built at the lift stations. Each one is different and work will not cease until they have completed their masterpiece.  Mornings  are greeted with a big smile as they shoot us with their guns (checking tickets) Bob and I have gotten to know these wonderful people since we have arrived. 
Yes, I do have a favorite.
His name is Christian, and he is from Barrie Ontario.  A great big "Good Morning" along with  a great big a smile.  The son we never had! 
Christian greets us daily with a smile that warms the soul.  Remember, these fine young men and women have left their homes and families from around the world to join the many, living in a cold, sunny and sometime harsh climate to live their dreams as Bob and I have this year.  They come west, not knowing each other and very quickly they adopt new family members amongst themselves.  It takes a very special person to leave the comfort of their surroundings and explore and experience a very different lifestyle that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Congratulations!!

And.....Back to skiing:
We have not has fresh snow in two and a half weeks.  But, if you look hard enough, you can still find some fresh powder lurking in the trees.  Us snow pigs are  hungry!
A big greasy platter of Poutine for lunch and I'm ready to go again. The Panorama doughnut is around us.  Maybe some new snow tonite.  As for now, I will be skiing in the trees and leave the groomed runs for the newcomers. 

I now have the advantage of knowing the mountain and the hidden secrets of  fluffy snow and I'm not sharing!!!!
P.S.:  There's no friends on a Powder Day!!!


  1. Kathy - your discription of Christian is terrific - sounds just like our daughter when she left everything to move to Calgary. Only, she choose not to live in the snow - which suits me fine, as I am not a 'winter person'! You didn't say - is Bob back on his skis?

  2. Christian is my son and you described him just how he is! Love and miss that kid (he directed me to see this) :) Glad he is making people smile out there.