Tuesday, 28 February 2012

"The Red Neck Ball" (Wild Game Night)

Deer, Elk and Bear!!! On my plate, and what a fine meal that was.  Last evening the Lake Windermere district Rod and Gun Club held their annual Wild Game Night (The Red Neck Ball) Their motto: "Do not destroy what you have not the power to replace"  The hunting season was not the best and many of thehunters need the meat for their own families.  We were all thankful for those who were able to donate some of their meat to make this annual (93 years) a truly wild game dinner.
Hunter's antler competition
The term Redneck was made popular by comedian Jeff Foxworthy in the USA.  My personal interpetation from a Canadian point of view is: A Redneck is a person, either hunter, fisherman, fisherwoman, drive a full size pick up truck, wears plaid flannel overshirt and rubber work boots.  They hunt their food, are eco friendly and live off the land and particulary live in rural areas.  They have big hearts, happy and stress free.  Unlike the American version where a Redneck is a derogatory term and can be insulting to some.  We Canadians can joke about ourselves and laugh.  We are kind, thoughful and sincere.  The Invermere District Rod and Gun Club is overflowing with members whom I have just described.  Bob and I are very fortunate to be a part of this wonderful evening!   Thanks Everyone!

Meat, and more Meat, delicious!
Some items on the menu were (appetizers): Moose meatballs.  Sliced deer prime rib and Smoked Trout.  The main course, of course: Elk Lasagna, Bear Ham, which was absolutely delicious!, Goat stew, Moose Stroganoff, Roast Beef, roast Venison, chili and of course vegetables.  I have never gobbled up so much meat at one sitting in my lifetime, but  this was a tastefull decision and well worth the full belly.  Then there was dessert.  No wild game here!  Chocolate and butter tart cake.
A silent auction and live auction to follow as well as a dance and midnight lunch. 
And a Live Auction
After a full day skiing in fresh powder; 10 cms worth and very tired legs, nevermind, a full belly, Bob and I made a sly exit and home to bed.  A great fundraiser in all.  Monies raised are allocated to community items such as a bursary, other service clubs, youth archery and air rifle programs as well as improving the various events within the community.
Dessert, Black Forest Cake

This week has been busy with our daughter, Tammy visiting us.  She has never been west and was humbled with the vastness and beauty the mountains have to offer.  We both skied and toured the mountain during the week.  We did manage to snow shoe one afternoon and it was wonderful for Bob to be able to experience the afternoon with us. Julie, her best friend since grade 4 drove from Calgary to visit. It was great to see her again.  Tammy and Julie (Juice) had lots of catching up to do, and some great skiing, since we had a dump of fresh snow.  Good timing!  They both left with big smiles and very tired.

As for Bob....  Yes, Bob has clearance to begin more strenuous activity as he is recovering very quickly since he had the fluid drained from his right lung.  Bob is expected to ski this Thursday after a quick x-ray and exam early that morning.  Yes, the medical system here work according to snow conditions.  You can't spoil a good ski day by seeing patients throughout the workday when you can see them before the hill opens.  We love Valley Time!!!!  Thursday 1 March will be a good day.  We will celebrate as ski bums should:  At the Mile One Hut in front of the fire with a toast of Hot Chocolate and Amaretto under the mid afternoon sun......

And since WE ARE CANADIAN...check out this video    Hockey Game   or   http://youtu.be/y0qZYqdsYAg

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