Thursday, 1 December 2011

Sir Robert, Skid King

A bit of catching up from last evening.  Driving to Swift Current the engine light came on. The temperature dropping to -9 and everything frozen, we decided to check our vehicle in at Canadian Tire next to our hotel.  A great big Thank You to Cory Cook, & Andrew who promptly checked our Jeep at the early hours of the morning.  As I said earlier, the sun does not rise until 8:30.  Since we are further west, the sun didn't rise until 9ish.  Anyway, we only needed to replaced the radiator cap.  It probably was the gas cap that caused the engine light to come on.  Better safe than sorry.  It is a long way to the next town and cold and windy. We drove to Medicine Hat, our first stop in Alberta  the sun suddenly appeared (it was cloudy the day before). It is rated the sunniest city as well as the Gas capitol of Canada (Natural Gas) . Gasoline in Alberta is $107.9 per liter!
Somewhere in Alberta 100 km south of Calgary
truck stop, Brooks, Alberta
 Well, back to the blog...
That was just the beginning.  It had snowed through the night and ice had formed and glazed the highway in parts.  We waited until the Jeep was released and the sun had risen.  We were back on the road by 9am.  Good job guys!!!! Everything was great. We crossed into Alberta around 10 am., sunny and beautiful, but cold. I still can't get the song "Feelin Groovy" out of my head, then, sh*&^%, F^%$$ and all that jazz.  We hit ice!  thank God the roads are straight and flat; flatter than flat and Bob was driving.  It took us both by surprise.  We did a 2 km skid right down the flatter than flat and straighter than straight road.  Our palms were sweating.  Yes, Skid King is Bob's new title; not the skid king in your shorts, But some fancy driving.  Bob had lots of practise from his youth and parking lot spins.  Again, Thank God for goofing around in cars in our early years.  Your my Hero! I Love you!!!
 That was enough for a break and a bite to eat in Brooks, Alberta, the town of the cowboy. Bob had the best western sandwich ever.  The sun was shining and snow covered prairies, it was so beautiful.  We are not done yet...this time we saw it coming.  The car in front of us started to slide, and now it's our turn.  Not so bad, and another adrenaline rush.  OK, enough is enough.  No more dancing with cars.  We saw a few in the ditch.  Can you imagine a smart car out here?  It would be like the game Pong!  So plan "B" and a change in direction.  Plan "A" was to drive from Swift Current through the Crowe's Nest Pass through to Cranbrook.  The road conditions were in better shape towards Calgary as the temperature was +4 and the roads were dry. So, we landed in Canmore, home of the Three Sisters Mountains for the night. Oh, and by the way, no beer for tonite.  We deserve a glass of good wine, and of course organic "Eco Frog" Cab/Sav/Merlot.  But only one glass (not to worry, it's not a fishbowl glass) if anyone is wondering.  Not to many photos were taken today, but I could not resist a few.  The prairies to some are boring.  Not so. There is much beauty in its simplicity and colour, even this time of year.  So, enjoy the few pics.
 Tomorrow....Panorama, B.C.!!!!!!! Feelin Groovy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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