Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bows and Arrows

Archery!  Every Wednesday night at the Invermere Community Centre, the members of the Rod and Gun club host archery.  Newcomers, beginners and experienced are all welcome.  So, what does a ski bum do for entertainment? .... Why not  shoot at some targets?

Robinhood himself (Bob Walker) and I (Maid Marion?)
Remember, Skier's rules:
Early to bed,
Early to rise,
Strap on the sticks,
Look up at the skies..
(for snow, of course)

Bob the Archer
Bob Walker, a good friend and a member of the Rod and Gun club, introduced us to the group.  The ages range from approximately 5 years old to super senior.  (Super Senior is over the age of 75)  It's a goal to reach this wonderful age and still be so active and young at heart.

Bob and I had a great time.  With some instruction, we did manage to hit the targets. We had an assortment of constructed bears, wild turkeys, deer, and of course stuffed burlap sacks with balloons.  And yes, they did have a bow for a left hander!  We found new muscles to work on as well as proper form to pull the bow. 

Norm and Grandchildren

The town of Invermere is a small community with a vast variety of events happening each night.  People of all ages join in the fun.  Children are welcome and yes, they can stay up past their bedtime and enjoy spending time with their families.  This beats sitting in front of the television watching  senseless programs.

And, we were back in time for bed, an effort to stay awake until 10:00 p.m.  An early ski day tomorrow.
Bob is back on his sticks and ready to go.  Groomers only....but not for long.  He will be back in the trees, steeps and bumps. 
March (we are told) is the best part of ski season.  With the sun hanging around a little longer each day, the warm afternoons at the summit, soft new snow to play in and suntanning at beer o'clock, it will be another great day....

A Warming afternoon at the Panno Village
Yes, my knitting addiction continues.  What will I knit next?  Possibly another ski hat? 

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