Saturday, 10 March 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

Off we go to Tayton Bowl: B2
Giggles, Wiggles and Squiggles...
Four Chicks on Sticks and the morning of fresh powder is ours.

Off we go to Tayton Bowl and a morning filled with diamonds.  Yes, diamonds are a girls best friend.  Double Diamonds.

up to our knees in fresh snow!
It was nice to play together on such a sunny powder day.  A warm up at the top and a run or two down some diamonds and it was a hike to Tayton.  B2, a good introduction to the bowl.  We have myself, Lindsay from Prince Edward Island, Deb, a local and instructor from Invermere (Panno) and Marita, visiting from Oregon, US.  And, unusual as it may be, we let Richard, Marita's husband join us as the token male of the day.  Some one had to snap the photos. 

Morning Sun and Snow

Spring is in the air as the days are getting longer, the afternoon sun warms the soul and lightens your heart as our cheeks begin to tan
in contrast to the white snowy surrounding us.
Yes, we love our men, but it is great to get out with the girls.  We are not Princesses, we are Queens of the mountain!!!!  (if only for a day...)

Two days later, we hiked back up to Tayton Bowl into Never Neverland. The same glorious sun that warmed our faces had turned Champagne powder into heavy sticky sugar.  It was not such an easy trek through the bumps and trees.  First turn and a head plant.  We all struggled that morning...  A new season approaches.

Enjoying the sun on the deck at Mile One Hut
Anyway, back to our ski day.  After our girls morning out, it was back to meet Bob for lunch.  It is great to be back skiing together.  A date with Bob in the afternoon.  He is still not allowed to fall and risk re-injury, so we are keeping to the groomers, small bumps and trees for another few weeks.
We were Skiing Roy's Run and were watching Mt. Brewer for avalanche slides.  Spectacular!   A puff of snow in the distance and there it was, a slide.  Then a few minutes later, another one.  It looks like you cut the snow with a pastry knife as it slide down the mountain.
Bob and Cathy on a date.

The perfect afternoon complete with a glass of wine at the Mile One Hut on the deck!

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  1. So now I think you should be called the Panoramamamas (myself excluded of course) - was great skiing with you all! - Richard