Saturday, 21 January 2012

Blood, Sweat & Fears

This has been an interesting week.  First, We are honoured to meet Manny Osborne-Paradis and Kelly Vanderbeek (both Canadian World Cup racers) who have been training here at Panorama.
 We can only dream to ski at their level.
Our bodies are being challenged by outside obstacles.
Let me explain:
riding the Sunbird's snowing!!!
Saturday we are having a blast in the Sun Bowl and Founder's Ridge.  With all the new snow, it has been a skiver's playground.  Deep powder, fresh tracks, bumps and trees and snow like cotton candy.  Our skis drift and slide through dry, western champagne powder ever so silent.  It is almost hypnotic and tranquil.  Then...a recipe for disaster, we hit.  I was blindsided by a 6 foot 4 inch, 220+ Aussie truck, Dave. My skis remained stationary in the snow placed perfectly as if you were ready to clip in.  I flew like "Rocky the Flying Squirrel" (6 feet in the air) as it was explained to me as I lay face down on the trail.  We were both eyeing the same exit out of Founder's ridge and did not see each other until the last second.  It was a long last second.  Shaken up we were...  I felt my organs shift upward towards my chest, but we were both able to recover and ski towards a cold beer.  A skier's medicine. (and a good dose of anti inflammatory drugs)
The next morning, however was a different story.  I was hit on my right shoulder and it is now very sore.  Not to mention the bruised ribs and pulled calf muscles as my feet were torn from the bindings and skis and of course a very sore neck!  I'm sooo stubborn and won't miss a day of skiing.  Fourty Two Days and counting!
all cleaned up and bandaged
Frank and Bob
Bob's turn today.  He is regaining confidence skiing the trees.  So, today was the day; we both went out alone  with all the fresh snow and powder, the terrain is very forgiving.  So, off we went.  Today, it will be the bowls and the trees.  Sun Bowl glades, Alive glades and C.F.I. glades.  Some great tree skiing was found here.  We both did great turns in the powder and trees.  Success and accomplishment and we both felt exhilarated after that run. We dropped out of the glades to the bumps and I turn around to see Bob and Blood.   What happened?   "I fell on my face" Bob replied.  "Yes, I can see that"  But how?  "don't ask" was the reply.  Bloody nose, cuts and a face trench in the snow with broken goggles.
fresh tracks & more powder on the way

Steri strips to the rescue and back out for the afternoon with one of the best runs of the season.  Mike(mountain friend) said a few more hits to the head and Bob will be a great skier!
The temperature has warmed up to a tropical -16 Celsius and only one frostbite to my nose today. We sweat the small stuff and at the end of the day we are enjoying a bit of skier's medicine and as a child we smile and look forward to another glorious day in paradise.  And it's still snowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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