Monday, 30 January 2012

Thank you Invermere District Hospital!!!!

First and foremost, Bob & I are very grateful for the quick and absolutely wonderful care, diagnosis and treatment for Bob by Dr. Theresa Ross and staff.  He had taken a fall in his ski boots on Thursday and fractured 3 ribs (# 5, #6, #7) as well as a punctured right lung.  He was then transferred to Cranbrook via ambulance for treatment (possible chest tube to drain the fluid from the lung).
Powder Day on Outrider run
Bob skiing the bumps in Sunna
Thank you to both Paramedics who made Bob's 2 hour trip very comfortable.  Emergency staff was waiting for Bob when he arrived and monitored his progress throughout the night. 

The fluid had dispersed by morning and the surgeon decided a CT scan was not necessary, and only an ultrasound was needed.  A phone call personally from Bob to drive to Cranbrook as he no longer needed a return trip by ambulance and no further treatment was necessary.

 We both thank God that it was only his ribs and lung.  A quick recovery is in progress.  (I think Bob is "The Fountain of Youth")

Today, we returned to Invermere District Hospital for a follow up X ray to monitor his lung.  Dr.  Francois Louw did not feel an X ray was needed as he had healed so quickly, and only an ultra sound was done. The neumothorax still exists, but has already began to heal.  Dr. Louw feels he will be back to normal in 4 weeks.   
Four weeks is not a long time considering he already has 40 ski days behind him and still possible for an additional 72!!!!   He will be ready for action by the time our daughter Tammy arrives on February 20.
"This Chick's in Charge"
On a lighter note;   OK, Bob you had three injuries,  and now your done....No more injuries allowed!!!! A ski bum is resilient and tough.  This is only a bump in the road and the road is paved with sunshine, snow and plenty of life in stored for both Bob and myself.  The season is just beginning to rev up.  We have so much to look forward to.  The snow is falling as I write this post. 
Tomorrow, it will be day 51 for me.  Yes, I will see 100+ ski days!

Thursday was Australia Day @ Panorama.

Australia Day, or Foundation Day, as it was then known was described in the stirring last stanza:

Austalia Day @ the Sunbird Chair
This is the joy-inspiring day

That gave these blessings to our lot

Then let us share the social rites

Join hands, all malice be forgot!

This little star, once marked by none
Now shines a bright - a BLAZING SUN!

Our new friends in and around Panorama are absolutely wonderful and we both thank everyone for their kindness, friendship and support.  They keep me company when Bob is recovering, once again.  They are not just Mountain Friends;  They are our friends!

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  1. Wow - you are going to have to write a book when you get home! Such experiences, thrills, and chills. Glad to hear Bob is ok - we will continue to pray for safe healing, good times, and protection!