Monday, 9 January 2012

Last Chance...Bobby's Back in the saddle

Bobby's Back
Judy in Last Chance Glades
Last Chance run in the trees.  What can I say.  Absolutely amazing and what a rush skiing in the trees, the steeps and the beauty and peace of the snow and nature all mixed in such a decadent exciting decent!  Thank you Judy for the tour!  We have been Skiing Panorama for 8 years and we are still astounded to find more hidden secrets to this wonderful mountain.

Ed Mc Master
Bob in Stump Farm
The Mountain Friends have been touring me around Panorama Resort for the last 32 days of skiing.  Especially since Bob has been injured.  He is now back in service and skiing for the last 4 days.
 Catrien remarked on his recovery as:  "You have the healing capability of a 12 year old!"  I have my Bobby Back in great form.  Today he is skiing the bumps and trees, gingerly, but with gusto.  Nothing is stopping him now! 

Today the weather was sunny and warm.  More snow on the way.  We were on the hill by 9:30 and skied until they kicked us off and managed to jump on the last lift of the day.  

Judy in Last Chance glades
 Time for a beer at the T-Bar and meet our new arrivals from Port Dover, Ontario.  Good ski friends: Wayne, Steve and Larry,  They are here to rip up the hill and get some great skiing in the next 14 days.  Wayne will be staying on until March. 

Dave from Australia

Today we met  Stacy, "Animal" as you can see by the head gear.  They are visiting from Calgary for a few days enjoying the snow and sun.  Gotta luv the headgear.  The only way he would wear his helmet was to make a statement.  I think you did a good job Stacy!

the "Animal" Stacy Millions
Again, I/we must thank the Mountain Friends of Panorama for their dedication, knowledge, and skiing ability of the mountain.  They are now our friends, friends of the mountain as we enjoy each day meeting at 10:00 am in the morning for a new adventure.  They have the skill  and expertise of touring new and not so new visitors to Panorama.  They ski with passion of the sport despite any previous injuries.  They are the tried and true Ski Bums in Yellow Jackets!  What would we do without you?

Ed the master boot fitter

How many people does it take for a boot adjustment...
And lest we forget about Ed,  The master  boot fitter!  My boots are wearing out.  The lining is now punched and very loose for skiing the bumps. So, as an adjustment, I have to tighten my buckles as far as they will go.  I am not strong enough to reef the buckles as tight as I need to prevent my foot from wobbling in the boot.  Ed came to the rescue with his expertise and brute strength.  Try to do this on skies and a steep angle on the hill.  My arms on his back, his arms around my leg, balancing and pulling and a little help from my yellow clothed friends. Not a pretty site!  Finally, success and the buckle is secure.  Time to ski.  I think new boots are on the list for purchase. 
But until then, we await more snow (in the forecast) and another great day ahead. 

Tomorrow:    More trees... and bumps... and hope for fresh snow...

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