Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Boys are back in town

Founder's Ridge
Steve, Larry & Bob at the Mile 1 Hut
The Boys...Larry, Steve and Wayne.  We met these guys a few years ago skiing in Owl's Head, Quebec.  They are here to rip up the mountain for 14 days.  Larry, who is made of rubber and can bounce and squeak through the tightest trees even when he is wearing his reading glasses with one lens....He is lovestruck and misses he sweetheart in Simcoe, Ontario.
 Steve, can barrel through anything, but will leave a trench when he goes down!!!  A fabulous skier, and a teddy bear at heart.  He can groom a steep when he goes for the big slide. Steve is from Port Dover and a great guy (a bit homophobic) no mercy big guy! 
Wayne: I think we found
Wayne, (also from Port Dover) well: what can I say; Gotta luv him. "Don't like the trees"...."Your trying to Kill Me!!" ..."It's too cold" ...."I'm not going down there!!"  (*#$@%)  Wayne is here until March.  Suck it up Princess!  We'll break ya! There is only so much beer on this mountain, so pace yourself.....We know you can rip it down the hill...riding towards beer at the end of the day.
 What Dedication!  All in total: Three Rednecks from Ontario.
Bob, skiing down MacIntosh Way
 (yes a powder day, again) we skied the bowls, Sun Bowl and Founder's Ridge...
trees, stumps, and bumps.  Sore legs and thirsty. And a bonus: frostbite!  I know my nose is big, but I don't need a red bulge (never mind a sore one) at the tip of my nose.  I feel like Pinocchio after telling a lie!  My first trip to Ski Patrol to check it out at mid mountain.  I froze my beek riding up the Champagne chair in the wind and the cold (-21c) I think tomorrow I will be wearing a face mask.

"I'm beautiful and I Rip" (read the helmet)
  A great day all round.  I never thought exhaustion would feel sooo...good.  Riding my new skis in the powder took a day to adjust my "sweet spot".  Once I found it, there was no stopping me.  Ripping and bouncing through the bumps is fabulous.  I am still working on my technique and it is coming.  The goal for this  season is to ski the trees and bumps with some sort of grace.  It's coming slow, but sure.  Being anal, and a perfectionist has is advantages. Last run of the day; The Sun Bowl....sweet.   Sore bodies, but sweet souls........
The Boys.....

We can't wait for tomorrow to ski again.  A new playground awaits.....
Founder's Ridge

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