Thursday, 5 April 2012

18cm and I can't see my own feet in front of me

The snowflakes are the size of loonie coins and it is coming down so hard you can't even see your own feet on the snow.  Never mind the edge of the trail or skier in front of you.  Your goggles are covered, your helmet is so heavy with snow and you have your very own avalanche off you head!
You think you are in the middle of winter, then, you decent down the mountain...As the snow begins to accumulate moisture as the warmer air (snow flakes included) turn the fallen flakes into soggy cornflakes. (always thinking about food!)  Butter! as your skis glide through springlike conditions we arrive to the base.

Lets do that again.  We're soaked with melted snow, perspiration and smiles. 
Up, Up, Up we go, back to the top.

Yes, it's me...and I fell...ha ha
Instantly, it's winter again. But, the snow is even deeper the second time round.  The storm is a gift this time of year, it could be rain.  And....there is no one here. First tracks at the end of the day, and they are mine for the taking.  They don't know what they are missing.  All the new snow is ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah HA.  HAPPY EASTER.   That little egg dropping bunny will be loosing his eggs unless, of course he colours them purple.  I will be looking for that White Rabbit this weekend as the Easter festivities will begin here at the village.
A broken tree buried in a new avalanche

We finally are kicked off the hill at the end of the day.  The lifts begin to close despite our bribes to keep them open for one more run.  Our legs are tired we both have snow down our necks which have now melted and dripping down our backs.  My bum is wet and cold from the melting snow on the chairs.  Bob looks like some early explorer who has been out in the back country with all the frozen snow on his now furry face.  My hair also has grown as I chip the icicles off my locks.

A new slide.
Spring also brings avalanche risks.           Today we saw one up close.  As we skied down a great mogul run we came across a slide.  Two ski patrolers were at the bottom clearing the broken branches and rubble from the hard boulders of snow. 

Stephanie, Ski Patrol

Angus, Ski Patrol

 As I write this, entry, peering out the snow through our window, I ask myself.   What will tomorrow bring?  more snow.
Either way, it will be a powder day, a spring day, and a great ski day.

Don and Donna

A good day of skiing deserves one good beer.

A great day of skiing deserves two good beers.

A fantastic powder day of skiing deserves two beers a single malt.

(quoted by a good friend, with lots of experience in skiing and beer)
Thanks, Don!



There's this skier standing on one side of a mogul slope. "Yoo-hoo!" she shouts to a snowboarder on the other side, "I can't ski moguls; how can I get to the other side?" The snowboarder looks up the slope and then down the slope and shouts back, "You ARE on the other side."

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