Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What Room am I in?

The joys of travelling.....Each night we are in a different town and lodging.  They are all beginning to look the same.

What city\town am I in?

What is my room number and floor?

Where's the door and which way is the bathroom?
Yes, the important question, as I wake up a 2 a.m. to use the facilities.  Now, with sleepy eyes and twilight brain function," what is behind door # 1?  Hope I open the bathroom door and not the exit door into the hallway or lobby of the hotel.  Wouldn't that be a surprise to both myself and the night staff when I appear buck naked in the hall!

The morning brings imagination and determination.  I drink a sludge type nutritional mix of greens, etc.  The rooms are not equipped with many utensils or cups.  Paper and stir sticks is a good as it gets.  So, my toothbrush (the handle) serves both as a measuring spoon and mixer in the tasty paper cup filled with a slurry of chunky, sandy green slime.  I choke it down with all the lumps that my handy toothbrush handle could not destroy.

Now, the joys of eating out. The food!  We eat by default.  I grew up with a Greek Chef for a father and a soup supremist as a mother.  Either way; good wholesome food that felt soothing to the belly.  Restaurant food, on the other hand is not so soothing.  I hope the belly doesn't go to war with the want to be digested plate of process, chemical induced, grease additive and non nutritious plate of who knows what meat I am eating.  Will I be purculating through the night?  Probably. 

Enough ranting as it is time to repack the Jeep and look for our next destination.
Aguasabon river
We leave Thunder Bay approximately 10:00 am and began driving alongside Lake Superior.  Superior it is; with her majestic beauty, even this early in the season.  Navy blue waters still frozen from the winter months.  We stopped alongside the highway with a perfect picturesque view of the lake.
The Highway is quiet this time of year.  Only long distance haulers delivering loads from east to west.   How we miss Northern Ontario. 
It is remarkably different from Western Canada with its hundreds of lakes surrounding trees upon trees and rolling hills.  There are no straight roads in the east.  They all wind, curve and descend as quickly at they climb above the cold waters.
We arrive in one our favorite small towns, Terrace Bay.  We hiked the Aguasabon River Gorge just outside of town.  The temperature only rose to +13 c, but it feels like summer with the sun shining between the white clouds.  

Aguasabon River Gorge
We sat outside our motel room enjoying the pleasant warm weather as we sipped our beer and wine before dinner. 
Dinner will be a shopping trip to Costa's grocery store for fresh fruit, good cheese and wraps to make our own belly statisfying meal, including a bottle of EastDell Black Cab.  Chiao!!

Tomorrow will be a great drive along Lake Superior and we will be absorbing all the majestic beauty Lake Superior has to offer.  It's the home stretch... directly south (only 16 hours drive time) 

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