Friday, 13 April 2012

Not your everyday pic-i-nic Basket

Nice Day for a Picnic
Yogi, where's the Picnic Basket?
It was a Pot Luck Picnic Perfect day on the mountain!  We all decided, thanks to the warm air and sunshine that it was time for a picnic lunch.  We were told of a place above Outrider Run (a mountain bike hide a way) in secluded treed area overlooking the lower runs.  "Perrrfect"
Don't Shake the bottle!!!

A Celebration
A group of us gathered (not hard when there is good food at large) on Easter Monday.  It was Dico and Lindsay's last day of skiing before they return to P.E.I. and a great way to celebrate the beginning of their marriage together.....with Champagne!  And yes, don't shake the bottle.   Too late...........

Lindsay, Bobbi, Myself, Linda

 Bobbi had carved snow seats for us while she was waiting for us to arrive.  A custom fit seat at that!  A bit of shovelling and a bit of bum wiggling for extra comfort.  Plenty of food and a great afternoon with friends. There wasn't much skiing happening this afternoon.  The warm weather has created heavy snow, and the best skiing is early in the morning, so we ski hard in the a.m. and we are rewarded.

Ed, Hugh, Rod, Barry, Bob & Bob (the pusher)

Everyone is having a bit of fun in the sun.   Lets put together a Bob sled team!!!  We have the manpower.   Does anyone have a sled?  We have the snow....  Myself?....  I'll be the judge.  These guys are determined.  That bench will not move no matter how hard they try.  

With only a few days of skiing left you have to use your imagination and skill as we decend down the hill. 

Remember sliding down on shovels?  An the annual Slush Cup?  Water skiing at its best.

Signs you are definitely over the edge:
  1. Seven strangers share your apartment from November till April.
  2. To save money for lift tickets, you stop buying lunch at the ski hill. Instead, you surreptitiously brown bag in the cafeteria.
  3. On road trips, you sleep in the car to save on lodging costs. When the weather gets cold, you move into a snow cave, dug in the distant reaches of the resort parking lot.
  4. Your résumé has several unexplained gaps.
  5. You choose your job solely based on its proximity to ski hills.
  6. You check the snow forecast more often than your e-mail.
  7. There are fences, gates and benches built from old skis outside your house.
  8. You expedite marriage plans expressly to sneak under the deadline for a family pass.
  9. You wrap Christmas presents with maps of the ski area.
  10. And, for the Bride and Groom:
  11. You wear ski pants to a wedding. They are the only black trousers you own.  And don't forget the rubber boots!
  12. The Maritimers'  They think of everything!!!

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