Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Green Grass of Home

We're Back!!!!!!!
Caledonia Bridge, Caledonia, Ontario

We arrived home Thursday 27 April approx 2:00 pm in the afternoon.  As we opened the Jeep hatch, the vehicle exploded with tossed around gear, clothing and just stuff!  Now, time to return our commuter kitchen gear and clothing back to its original place.  But, where,  we seem to have been away so long that we forgot where everything goes.   No, it's not Altheimer's,  it's "Sometimer's" .....Sometimes we remember, and sometimes we don't. 
Being back home is confusing.  We are glad to be home, not in motels, hotels, etc., but we do miss our Western hippie/skibum life.  As we do miss our Western friends very much.
Bob is being ridiculed about his long curly locks of hair !   "Hey, Hippie, where did you come from?"  Our neighbours asked.  "Wow",  as I flash my hairy armpits.  "Lookin' Good" 

As for the house.  There's surprisingly not a speck of dust...anywhere.  Whoa Ho... no housework!!!!
As for the yard?  Does anyone own a goat for hire to chew down the grass and the dandelions that are quickly growing ferociously around our feet?

So out comes the shovel and gardening gloves to begin the yearly spring chore of manicuring the grass and gardens.   Grass is overrated,  (the green grass on the lawns, not the "Happy Hay")
Our Backyard
So the transition from Skibum to ageing Hippies, we dig our herb gardens.  Pull out the Muskoka chairs and watch the weed wars at out feet while enjoying a cold beer.  We watch the apple blossoms and leaves explode open in the trees as we play "The Mamas & Papas', "Pink Floyd" and 'Neil Young" albums.  Sipping our refreshment, we reminisce about our adventures over the past 5 months.
Budding Grape leaves in the morning dew

We thank our viewers...5100+ viewers worldwide who faithfully followed and commented our blog. 

You all shared our dream and thank you.

We travelled a total of 11,000 kms round trip

Bob and I skied 81 days and 120 days respectively.

To all of our Western friends from Invermere, Panorama and worldwide,  you will all be treasured  deep in our hearts for many years to come.
Kayaking on the Grand River
And yes, we will be back next season for another 120 ski days...possibly more. 
How can we not?  We have set the new standard for skiing.  It's in our blood.

And when we are done gardening, it will be time to clean the bikes, pump up the tires and get some serious "ass time" in the saddle.
 We will also be paddling the rivers and lakes of Ontario as we will be enjoying a different kind of paradise, with lazy rivers, mirrored lakes and winding roads.
Caledonia Cycling

As for now, back to gardening.  We need to conquer the weed war, and remember where we put the beer glasses. 
(Oh, and I will be shaving my armpits.  As for Bob, he will keep his curly locks)......

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