Monday, 2 April 2012

This is Spring Skiing?

Bob, Emma, Peter,'s beer o'clock in the village.
April Fools Day...and yes, it is spring skiing at the base of the mountain, but it is still a wintery wonderland at the Summit.  The past few days it has been -8c at the top and up to +15c in the village.

Ski bums in shorts and bikinis are among us.  All tanned (face only) and having a great day.

He's down.....

I found fresh snow!!!!!

Golden Rule # 1... Don't Follow Peter!!

We are still having new snow fall almost daily and there are lots of fresh tracks to play in.

As you can see, our friend, Peter has found
all the fresh tracks he could.  Except, he found them with his face and goggles.  Fortunately, the trees survived his attempt at hogging all the snow.

After a great morning in winter wonderland, it is time for food.  A hearty lunch and time to ski in sunshine and spring time fun.

We ski through snow as smooth a butter.  Our faces are darkening.  The sunscreen is shared amongst us and despite our attempts to prevent burning, we have hot and red faces by sunset.

We will have authentic ski faces by closing day.  Acceptable tans for a ski bum.  Who will have the best face, the longest ponytail, the furriest beard?
Birch Forest

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