Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wings Over Panno

Is this the real thing?
What a weekend.  Easter Bunnies, Spring Festivial, a Fairytale Wedding, and of course, lots of sunshine for Para gliding.

It's Spring Festival time here at Panorama and what a great weekend is was.  The weather was perfect for all the outdoor activities.  An Easter Egg hunt on the mountain, live music on the "Porch" and plenty of skiing.

Good friends of ours, Dico and Lindsay (P.E.I.) were married on the mountain.  And a trip up the mountain for celebration and photos.  Gotta luv those rubber boots!

and a few surprises from Fraggle Rock

Max with Erik & Katia
Erik all geared up to fly
Max and Penny organized the Para Gliding exhibition.  The weather & the wind were ideal for flying their wings.  A pair of skis, a wing and a warm breeze.  It was up, up and away An afternoon of floating and sailing above the mountains and through the clouds.  Erik and Katia (their beautiful children) flew tandem with both Mom and Dad.  This beats our traditional Good Friday Hikes back home.
In the Clouds
After a busy weekend it was time to sit on our balcony and enjoy...what else, but a cold beer and watch the gliders fly back down for the evening.
What a show.  Four gliders landing in front of us.  Almost a perfect landing.  One caught the snow fence in the tube park.  Cheers!!! from the now growing audience as he landed.  Each one decented and landed safely....and a standing ovation was well deserved.

One week until closing, the days are getting warmer and we are now spring skiing.  Us powder pigs are still rooting around for powder.  Yes, there is still powder up top.
Can this be for real
We smile as we still ski winter conditions and dry snow at the Summit.  As we descent with our skiis the snow begins to feel heavy beneath our feet as we need more effort to make our turns under the warm sun.  The lower third of the mountain, it is pure "Butter" as it is now Spring conditions.   Carving and gliding through what some call "elephant snot"  We call it butter.  We love Spring Skiing!!!!!!!!!!
A perfect decent
Time for shorts and a bikini top.  Well, maybe... It's still cold on the chair.
Easter Brunch in the Hay

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