Thursday, 19 April 2012

On the Road Again.....

Calgary, Alberta
Packing!! What a job!!!  How can it be, we have less food, the same clothing (except for new ski suits and skis, that will be carried on the roof) & the Jeep is ready to explode.  We are leaving our ski gear and skis with friends in Invermere and we have even less room now than when we left Ontario in November.  I can't figure it out. 

O.K. everything is jammed in the back. So, say goodbye to the mountain, down the road to Wilham and Gee's for breakfast.  They will be storing our gear until next season.  We arrive at their home half way down the mountain from Panno.  Fourty acres of serene beauty overlooking Lake Lillian.  Their daughter Catrien and family lives in a rebuilt barn next door. The barn was purchased by Wilham and Gee for a nominal fee was pulled apart board by board and rebuilt by hand.  A perfect and very unique home for a young family.  Every child's dream play house!  We hiked around the property with their two dogs to give our tired ski legs a stretch before our journey to Calgary.  Three hours later we hug one another as we will return next season.  No goodbyes....."see you soon"  
Eau Claire District at sunrise
Yes, we are returning.  We've got the ski bum bug.  We had a great visit, good friends and good food.  Now our bellies are satisfied we point our vehicle towards Calgary, Alberta. 
A short day's drive winding our way down the majestic mountains to the Foot Hills nearing Calgary.  

1886 Cafe

We arrive at our long time friend & ski buddy's temporary residence just in time for a good Mexican feast. ("Go West Old Man") was the phrase as Stan and Liz are relocating from Ontario.  Good Move!!
The evening went quickly as we reminisced, laughed & discussed skiing, and cycling and our future ski trips.  Time for bed.
Rosebud, Alberta
Morning came before we knew it.  Stan went to work, Bob and I hiked around the Eau Claire District just at sunrise as we worked up a hunger for breakfast.
Once our appetites were satisfied, we re-arranged the "Stuff" in the Jeep and headed East towards Rosebud, then  Drumheller,Alberta, our next stop.
The landscape is quieter with the wheat fields in the distance.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

We arrive in Drumheller the home of Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, appropriately name after J.B. Tyrrell (the largest dinosaur find in the world).  We have both visited numerous museums in the past; the Royal Tyrrell Museum is by far the most fascinating.  We spent all afternoon exploring the remains, learning about our Earth's violent beginning millions of years ago and gazing at the skeletal creatures before us.

Now we are tired and found a small hotel in town.  It's is time for bed.  Tomorrow....The BADLANDS
How bad can they be?

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