Monday, 23 April 2012

Miles from Home...

Steinbach Village Museum
Sunday was uneventful and a long drive.  We arrived in Regina for the night.  Woke up early and again, headed east.  Prairies and more Prairies under beautiful sunny skies.  As we head east we entered yet, another time change and lose another hours sleep.  We arrived at Steinbach, Manitoba, just outside Winnipeg, (Winnie the Pooh was named after this town).  Steinbach meaning (Stony Brook in German) was founded in 1874 by German speaking Mennonite settlers from Russia.  These Mennonite immigrants were led to Canada by the promise from the Canadian Government of military exemption.  Twenty homesteads were laid out alongside Steinbach Creek.  In 1912 a Ford auto dealership opened.  This was also the first Ford dealership in Western Canada, thus the reason Steinbach being labelled the "Automobile City".  The town grew to a population of 463 by 1915.  Steinbach continued to grow, was incorporated as a town by 1946 and a city by October 10, 1977.  There are approximately 25 Churches in Steinbach, a Heritage village museum as well as a Dutch windmill.  
After a sound sleep, we left bright and early to continue our trek eastward.

 We need some miles behind us as we are not yet halfway home. (approx. 2300 kms to go) Our goal:  Ontario.
Wall Mural on the barn of Egli's Sheep Farm
We travelled along the Trans Canada Highway, through Manitoba, Ontario and crossed the Eastern time zone,  as we came upon, yes!!! A sheep farm and wool shop!!!!  Egli's Sheep Farm and Animal Park in Mannitake, Ontario.  We just had to stop (we needed to give our legs a stretch...) a good excuse. 

So, after a quick meander through the shop we came out with three bags of roving wool.  Don't ask!!!
I will spin it into yarn and knit it into a sweater. (another knit project)
 We arrived in Thunder Bay, the emotional landmark of Terry Fox who gave up his run across Canada due to secondary Cancer.

Terry Fox Monument, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Percy Lake, Ontario

Tomorrow will be a shorter drive and we will do a bit more sightseeing looking for hidden lakes pieces of paradise off the beaten track. 

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  1. I remember that trip well. I'm sure we stoppped at the same farm! Did you see a place called 'Sandy's Snack Shack' this side of Winnipeg on TransCanada? Lots of wooden furniture and things on the front lawn? My brother and his wife own it. Looking forward to seeing you back home soon!