Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Closing Day, The Cardboard Cup & 120 days

The Last Days....
Yes, it is that time of year again.  Time to pack up the skis, boots and wash the long undies.  Time to shave (yes, the more Sasquatch)  Soon enough, it will be back to civilisation and society whether we like it or not.
And a great weekend it was!

Rod and Christine asked us if we wanted to have dinner at Lakeside Pub on the Beach Sunday (the last day) "Sure" , we said since our food supply is dwindling quickly. 
Bob and I are slowing adjusting to "Valley Time"  and not be as punctual (us Southern Ontarians are so anal about being 10 minutes business punctual)  as we arrive 5 minutes late.  Good job at that.  We we admiring the Osprey sitting on a post just outside the restaurant as Rod and Christine are waiting for us outside. 
Not a clue why.....until we entered the dining room.

SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least 40 of our new found friends were all waiting for the guests of honour.   Us!

Jim & Sheila
Rod & Bob (just a kiss between friends)
Mountain Friends galore!!! and spouses accompanied to participate in the celebration.  They touched our hearts and souls.  We were speechless nonetheless.  It was a night to remember not just in our thoughts, but in our hearts as well.   Our new friends, The "Ambassadors of the Mountain" took us in as orphans opened their hearts, homes and dinner tables.
Bob, Dico, Ed, Myself, Hugh, Rod
 They all supported Bob with his injuries and offered their homes so I could be closer to the hospitals while he was being treated.  They loaned Bob books to read (which was hard to do when you are half stoned with  prescription pain killers)  He did manage to read 1 book and many pages of others.
Gee, our "ski mom"
We were toured around the mountain and found private stashes of powder.  We were sworn to secrecy.  "Don't tell anyone.  Or we will have to kill you!"  Remember, "No friends on a powder day".
 Our new friends shared the beauty of the country side with hikes, snowshoeing and much history of the mountains and wildlife.

Because of you,  we will return.  When we leave, we will miss everyone greatly, but at the same time we look forward to returning home to our family and friends.
 It will only be a short 6 months and we will be back!


Steve (the Hobbit) Marion, Marcel
Retro Weekend at the hill as many dug in the deep trenches of their closets for that special wardrobe of Retro ski suits and accessories.

......3,800 kms half way across the country to the west side
.....120 ski days for myself and 80 ski days for Bob
.....677 centimetres of snow.  A record breaking year for Panorama
.....a lifetime of memories
.....1,000's of smiles from new friends, and staff
Let the Race Begin....

All to finalize the season, with no exceptions... Time for the Cardboard Cup. 
The Rules:  Toboggans must be constructed of duct tape and cardboard....Let's get to it!
At the Start Line.  Ready, Set, and it's downhill all the way.   Who will the winner be?
Three Bobs in Canada's Bobsled...go Canada go!!!!!

Lusti's Moustache Rider

Shauna's Formula #1 Snow Stopper

DNF...but no fatalities..
And the Winner is......Tools in the Tool Box
These Eco friendly racers expertise designed their toboggans with precision and style with the exception of added alcohol had a blast today.   Great Finish to all, well, almost.

It is now serene and quiet as we enjoy the warm sun as we toast to a great season and gaze at the hill as we see a lone snowboarder glide down one last time.

We will take our time travelling back to Ontario (approx 10 days).  But first, a stop in Calgary to visit a close friend as he is relocating to the west.

Now, it is time to pack up.  Will it all fit?  

Stay tuned for the next posting

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