Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Best Cafe in Canada

Staff @ Kicking Horse Cafe
e mail nightmare resolved
Yes, it's Kicking Horse Coffee Cafe in Invermere, British Columbia. Coffee is Peace, Coffee is good, Coffee is the Best!  I only drink coffee on occasion, but what a treat.  Now, their teas are fabulous. The building is environmentally friendly, their coffees and teas are all organinc and fair trade. They even have bamboo travel mugs!  Since our e mail system on the mountain does not allow us to send e mails through Windows Live, we decided on our trip down the mountain into town, we would have a cup of java at the Kicking Horse Cafe.  What a great excuse!  Anyway, as soon as we booted up our laptop..pop..all the e mails were sent.
On our trip down the mountain (18 km of winding road) 3 deer had pranced in front of our Jeep.  The largest deer we have ever seen.  We originally thought they could be Elk.  Deer have white tail and prance like a bunny.  So, since it is that time of year, They will be Comet, Cupid and Prancer. We completed our shopping,  Yes, more food.  The calorie burn in on!!!  Circle Health Food Shoppe had Ambrosia apples.  They are from the west coast and we are told, "They are the most sweetest and amazingly fragrant apple you will ever smell and taste"  We weren't dissapointed.
We met a fellow skier Cornell from Seatle who was skiing alone, so he joined us for the afternoons.
His son Jonathon who is new to snowboarding and improved dramically with a lesson. Here he is sporting his new goggles ready to rock.
jonathan, a new snowboarder
Anyway, back to skiing. We skied the Powder trail all afternoon.  Out of the Blue, a SNOW SNAKE!  Bit my foot and down I went.  Snow up the shorts!!!!! (a snow snake is a twig or small sapling exposed out of the snow)  It tripped me up, but good.  No worries,  I had to fall sooner or later.  Now that's over with, on with more skiing!  Yea... Last ride of the day.  They saved a chair for us one more time!!!!
 Panorama only have 6 runs open, until the official opening day on Friday 9 December.  We are told there is a ton of snow at the on top.  I will let you know tomorrow. 
Until then, John Lennon said: "Possession is 9/10 of the law.  It is 9/10 of the problem"  It is the anniversary of his death in 1980.  Let's remember the life of an amazing artist.  Now, back to skiing............. Future posts:  The 12 days of Christmas...........

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