Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bobby in a Basket

Tuesday was a write off.  Our bodies needed a rest.  Wednesday we woke up to 4 - 5 inches of new fluffy white snow and sunshine!!!  Time to play.......
We were on the mountain at 9am and up to the top where the sun is shining.  We are going to ski Roy's Run and some bumps.  All was well, then I turned around.   OOPS!  What do I see,  Bob is hung up in the snow catcher.  They put up these small fences to stop the snow from blowing off the mountain at 7800 ft.

All I could think of was "Bobby in a Basket"  I started to giggle.  Besides he was fine, only his pride was damaged.  Remember, It's usually myself that falls and gets caught up in snow snakes, death cookies and land sharks; but I am the one carrying the camera.  I'm ready for anything.  A terrorist with a camera!!!!!
snow angel in the sun
Once he finally got untangled we skied through the trees and back to the summit once again.  Lets try View of 1,000 peaks and Stumbocks and practise more bumps.  Time to make a snow angel.  Besides, it is almost Christmas........  Three runs from the summit down to the village and it's time for lunch already.  Were hot and hungry.    I made a pot of chili the night before.  Good timing.  Well back outside to play again.  
Playing in the trees.   
Macintosh Way
After a great day on the slopes we gathered in the T-Bar for a toast to our friend Rick to celebrate 40 years of skiing at Panorama.
Tomorrow, we ski......
Congratulations Rick

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