Friday, 23 December 2011

Comet and Cupid

 Two more sleeps until the big day. When travelling into town yesterday and behold... Comet and Cupid taking some time off before the big night ahead.
Santa Claus has also been wandering around.  He is still a touch skinny.  So, all the children, be sure to leave lots of cookies and milk for the big guy.
I couldn't snap a photo of Santa,  Not the days before Christmas.....

Anyway, back to skiing.  We have not had any new snow for at least a week.  It is beginning to get hard packed or as the Westerners say: "Slick, Hard, and Loose"  It has been sunny and beautiful on the mountain.  We can still find some powder around the mountain.  We hope the Sun Bowl will open soon.  As some of us know, it is still the best place to ski, with all the soft bumps and stumps to play in.

Schroeber's Dream has been the best we've ever seen.  This is my nemesis, since I had my concussion on that nightmare 8 years ago.  Yes, I skied it with confidence, and skied it very well, thanks to the great groomers through the night.  We miss our family and skiing with Daniel of course.  We met a young boy, Dorian on the hill and skied with him all day.  When you are 13/14 years old, you have lots of energy to ski.  You can tell when they get hungry,...They slow down.  The conclusion:  Keep feeding them food!!  The Energizer Bunny keeps on rocking!
Today is a short entry in the continuing blog.  I will go and try to ski (Yes, yesterday in our busy day of skiing, I did pull a hamstring of sorts.  Not by falling, but trying to get up from a loss of balance in the bumps)  No bragging rights there!!!  I think the beer and Vodka and tonic helped nurse the muscle back to health.  In any case a couple of Advil won't hurt.
Twas the night before Christmas, and the panties were hung!
So, until then; The mantel place is waiting for Santa:

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