Tuesday, 27 December 2011

No Iffy's, Whiffy's, or Butts

Snowy Christmas morning
Twenty One Days of skiing and no whiffy from the Icebreaker long undies!  Yes, I have not washed them yet.  Nineteen days to go before whiffy and funk.  Maybe longer.  I will keep you posted. As for the butt; from experience, ladies, do not wear thong underwear under your ski suit.  It's cold outside and inside, if you know what I mean.
Santa, The morning after....
As for Christmas Day, Santa did make a final appearance before he left for the North Pole.  He thanks all the children for the extra cookies and milk. 
Santa in disguise
View of 1,000 Peaks
Christmas Day, Bob and I spent the day skiing after waking up to a great snowfall.  Powder!!!! The best present.  Skiing through light fluffy pow....Silence is golden.  If you are wondering, my hamstring is better and I was able to ski small bumps on Christmas Day.  So far, so good. Christmas dinner was in the Great Hall and we were accompanied by many other ski orphans and their families.  The buffet was fabulous.  Except, we woke up the next day with a turkey hangover.  Oh well, "suck it up princess!"  Let's go skiing!
Snowmen at the summit
The Summit

"The Christmas Tree" (and new ski pants)
Sunning Ski Bunny
Skiing in the trees....fabulous, exhilarating and yes, no "hammy" paint.  We were skiing "Tight Spots" a great black diamond tree run and we come across in the middle of the run, out of now where.. a totally decorated Christmas Tree.  Very cool.  It took a great effort to decorate, never mind transport all those Christmas ornaments up 7800 feet and decorate the tree with the steep pitch to complicate matters.
Last run, Bob and I have been playing on Roy's Run and Tight Spots to practise our moguls and tree skiing and down he went.   He describes it as "every muscle in his calf was stretched to maximum"  He said he could visualize the strands of tissue.   No worries, a bit of TLC he will be fine.  We found a physio therapist on the mountain who is one of the best. She is presently treating Manny Osborne-Paradis (Canada's best shot at a Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympics)  This is Bob's first sport injury.  Not bad for an old guy!  He has joined the many.  Welcome to "Club Physio"   I have been a member for decades.
Snow Cat
Twenty one days of skiing.  Our goal is 100............ Will we do it.  Well, we have a bet with Jacob, from the General Store here on the mountain.  He is from Denmark, and he is up by one day.  Winner buys the beer!  We will keep you posted.
And for the blog followers;  No shaving...................The ski bums are truly dedicated..........and getting hairy!
To be continued......................

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