Sunday, 4 December 2011

Set in Our ways

The difference  between old ski bums like ourselves and the young ones, is we are in bed by 9:00 p.m.  The young ones are just getting ready to go out for the evening.  We can hear them upstairs and in the halls of our complex.  (It does't disturb us,.. we were young once too!)  The benefit of being an old ski bum is we are awake and ready to go by 7:00 a.m.!  Our faces pressed against the patio door window, looking at the snow guns in the darkness, waiting for the chair to start up.  Yes, we are overlooking the mountain, the main quad chair, (named appropriately "The Mile High") and the hot pools and tubs.  Unfortunately, opening day is tomorrow and we have been watching the ski team practise on the slalom course.  Again, our faces pressed against the window like a young child waiting to go play outside at the sign of the first snow flakes.  Morning is still a confusion with "where are the plates, can't remember where I put the hats, But don't worry, I know the beer is in the fridge. Again, thank you Bob.  The 2 beers in the freezer, I put one in the fridge.  The other one, guess!  It was good!
Yesterday, in our confused state, we went into town (yes, we actually got back into our Jeep after practically living in it the last 5 days and 3800 kms. later) We found a German butcher shop, and purchased some steak, bacon (Canadian style, of course), wandered around town and visited Sobey's, AG Valley Foods purchased organic fruit and vegetables, checked out the Health food shops.  Thank goodness they carry some organic produce and supplements.  Yes, we are set in our ways!  We do miss the convenience of living close to a large city (Hamilton, Ontario) and in Southern Ontario we have access to a wide variety of foods and diverse selection of ethnic choices. My father was a Greek Chef  That is why we packed the Jeep full of organic and dried foods, just in case we could'nt find any here.  Good decision!!!
OOPs.. pressed the wrong key.  I have to edit this post!!
Sunrise overlooking the village and Mile High Quad
Again, I was saying, yes, food...(still dazed and confused from the trip, but getting better) In southern Ontario the winters are cold, damp and can be rainy, (freezing rain) and yes, snow.  I'm always cold until April.  In Panorama, B.C. it is very dry, usually sunny and lots of snow.  Very dry is an understatement.  We are shrivelling up like dried fruit.  Thirsty!! that's an understatement.  Yes, set in our ways.  Hot!! no, this is not menopause.  Been there, done that.  Just Hot.  It's -10 c. outside and we have the windows open...more dry air.  Turned on the stove and boiling water.  One advantage to dry  you don't have to  blow dry your hair for more than 5 minutes.  Anyway, one more day and we will be on the mountain with skiis on.  9:00 am tomorrow. And yes, our faces will be pressed on the patio door by 7:00 am watching the snow guns and waiting for the chair to start up.  This time we will have our longjohns, turtlenecks and ski gear on at the window!

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