Saturday, 31 December 2011


Playing in the snow pile
What a year Bob and I have had!  We are so fortunate and blessed to be doing and seeing and experiencing life at its fullest. Not without its bumps in the road.  The last bump of the year came as a mogul on Roy's Run for Bob.  Wham! Pow! Bang! Down he went.  Yes, he did check in to the medical clinic and yes, he did tear his calf muscle.  (Only a small tear)  The Doc. said 4 - 6 weeks.  Protocol....h'mmmm.  Let's let Physio call that one!  Catrien de Ruyter from Mountain Air Physiotherapy (here at Panorama) gave us a great treatment plan and will have Bob back skiing in two weeks. We thank you for your expertise and care.  Keep walking, icing and stretching and you will be as good as new!
Tired branches

As for myself, I am on ski day #25 (getting better and faster).  The goal is 100 ski days. So, as a precaution, I banked 5 days in December, just in case it will be my turn for an injury.  Bob has some catching up to do.  He was injured on ski day #20.

Sun Bowl
And the Sun Bowl is open.  The best place to play in the afternoon.
Schober's Dream
Busy day at the base
The week between Christmas and New Year's, we have had snow fall after snow fall. 

Since I am now a lone skier, I have been joining the Mountain Friends and hanging out with them.  They can't get rid of me.  New snow and deep powder...I'm out there!  We have been finding all the secret stashes on the mountain. I can't wait to show Bob the secrets places!

We were skiing through Founder's Ridge in the trees and bumps, and low and behold, a creek bed.  Yes, down I went.  Skis in the air and landed as if  I sat in a lounge chair. Quite comfortable, if I may say.  It was the last run before lunch and we were all sweaty and hot from top to bottom. (ski run from top of the mountain all the way to the village).  No Whiffy!!! But a bit Stiffy!  A good lunch and back out at 1:30 for more punishment and joy.
 Bob went for a walk and back to watch the World Junior Hockey game.  Thanks goodness for the tournament.  585 square feet of living space and can't play outside, at least there is hockey.  It is truly a Canadian sport.  Just like drinking Beer!  I will discuss the sport of Beer drinking and the culture of a ski bum in a future post.  I am still learning the ropes.  Beer, hockey and skiing.  And there is also ice fishing and curling......

Torch light Parade
Tonite is New Year's Eve A Torch light Parade and fireworks will begin at 9:00 pm on the mountain. They did not disappoint!  Spectacular!!!  We have a splendid view from our balcony. And I will be out there with Bob,my best friend and husband celebrating our 14th year together.  I love your dearly.

As for New Year's resolutions, I don't usually make any since there is a very good chance I will not keep them.
This year I am making an exception.
Here is goes:

For 2012, I will play outside more often.  It is wonderful to spend time in nature and inhaling fresh air and feeling the cold air and warm sun on my face.  It heals the soul.

I will make more friends.  It is restoring my faith in society, which can be cold and cruel. 

We are only human and we have good days and bad days.  I will have more good days. 365 good days!!!

I will give back what nature has provided for me all my life. 

I will help others and show them what they are missing in life.

We live in the best country in the world! I will spend the rest of my life exploring and learning the history and everything we have at our doorstep.  Just like the movie "The Wizard of Oz"  "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME....THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME"  Click your heals three times and you will be in a good place....Canada.
I will live each day as if it were my last and embrace life.

Believe.  There are miracles every day!

In 2012, we will be going on some road trips in BC and visiting different ski hills and towns in the area while we are here.  The Powder Highway, Nelson (the biggest Hippie town in the world) Golden, Rosalind, Kimberly and everything in between. More skiing and learning the ropes.  B.C. is also known Beautiful Country and not Bring Cash.   
 In the spring, when we are kicked off the mountain and the golfers take over the land, we will be heading towards home.  The Foothills, Prairies and Lakes will be our destination and as we continue our adventure, we will be embracing this beautiful country.
 Until the next post....

Happy New Year to everyone.

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  1. Hi Cathy,
    I was compelled to become a "Become a Ski Bum" member and live vicariously through you! I have enjoyed reading your posts; they are excellent. I especially liked your New Years Resolutions, they have pith and substance!
    Happy powdery snow trails!