Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Rules of a Ski Bum

early morning grooming
Top Ten Rules of a Ski Bum

Rule #1:  Education:  Education = Sucess, income, lifestyle.  Because, you can't be a ski bum forever.  Reality is waiting and besides, you need an income to eat!! Food is a top priority when you are buning mega calories on the hill as a "ski bum"

Rule # 2: Never say the word work while being a ski bum.  That's a four letter word.  NEVER!!! Work is only necessary if you have no money and are hungry.  You will either work before becoming a ski bum like Bob and myself or work after becoming a ski bum.   If this is you, return to rule # 1.

Rule # 3:  S.K.I. = Spend Kids Inheritance.

Rule #4:  Become a Ski Whore:  Let me explain. Look for deals, freebies, coupons, senior discounts, early bird specials and invites to dinner.  Anything that will save you money.  Purchase you season's pass in the spring and save up to 60% off the reg. price. As an extra bonus ski pass holders can get additional discounts on clothing and of course, food....Bonus, more food!!  Don't forget to shop local and support small business owners,  they may be secret ski bums at heart. You don't need to feel bad buying discounted produce at the grocery store. The produce may not look as sexy as the good stuff, but it tastes great.  A little bruise on that banana never hurt anyone.

Rule # 5: When travelling from ski hill to ski hill stay at a hostel.  You can share food and stories as well as share a room.  They also provide private rooms and bathrooms if you prefer and share the common room (glorified rec room) and kitchen facilities.
Bob and I stayed at Kicking Horse River Lodge and Hostel a few years back.  We met skiers from around the world doing the same as us.  International Ski Bums!  By the way, the community kitchen is the place to be when you are staying in a hostel.  Let's be friends, and can you pass the meat!!!!

Rule # 6:  Shaving is optional!  I'll let this one be......

Rule # 7:  At the end of a glorious ski day, you must, I mean MUST go to the hot tub to heal your aching muscles, but not (of course) without a cold beer.  Any beer will do, some are just better than others.

Rule # 8:  Don't wear make up or use hairspray while skiing.  You will end up looking like Alice Cooper in his prime by the end of the day.  If you think "Helmut Head" is just too sexy, see what you look like with hairspray!  Bob, you can skip this rule.....

Rule # 9:  Eat, Drink, and Wear Sunscreen!!!  You are now skiing regularly most of your waking hours, so EAT.  On a good day you will burn 5,000 to 7,000 calories.  What an excuse to eat that chocolate bar and extra piece of bacon.  Drink plenty of water.  Between the cold, high altitude and extreme dry weather you will dehydrate and shrivel up.  Yes, it is a dry cold.  -30 isn't just a dry cold, it's damn cold!  So, save that beer for the hot tub.  Wear lots of sunscreen.  You do not want to look like an old and used baseball mitt or Lizard Lady by April.  Yes, we will have better tans than you sun worshipers and snowbirds in the south.  Except, ours will be from the neck up.
Rule # 10:  Remember, we are ski bums, not a ski "ass"  Treat Mother Nature and yourself with respect and  play safe.   Live your dream as Bob and I are doing and enjoy each day as if it were your last!!!
waiting for the sun

The adventure continues....Tomorrow, we shop for underwear.  PS:  Jean, they weren't in Bob's boots afterall!!

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