Friday, 9 December 2011

Opening Day...View of 1,000 Peaks

mid mountain above the clouds
Opening Day was glorious, sunny and perfect!  The temperature was sitting at -13 in the morning, but warmer at the peak.  The summit elevation is 7875 feet with 4,000 ft vertical.  There are 120 trails, and 3 quad chair lifts to the top.  The longest run is 5.5 km. and the average temperature is - 3 for the season.  This is our favorite place in the West!!!!
view of 1,000 peaks
After a morning run from the top - down, we went for lunch.  I made a pot of soup for dinner while we ate.  Back outside to play.  We went back up to the top.  It was almost tropical!!! Much warmer than the base and almost time for a suntan.  We skied down  Stumbocks in fresh powder.  But not with much grace.  We need more practice!!  I feel like a beginner once again.  My legs hate me today!!!
snow covered tree under a glorious sky
 Jasmine (one of our new ski friends) mentioned a ski workshop with level 4 instructors.  Well, it didn't take much thought and so we both signed up.  It's a three day, 4 hours per day intense course on advanced skiing.  It's back to school for Bob and I.  Gotta love it,  Intro to and cheese tonite!! But first, a trip to the T Bar and Grill for happy hour.(JUST ONE) There we met Rick Jensen CEO and President of Panorama, a wonderful and very friendly gentleman.  It's great to be able to meet the owners as well as the staff. 
Only one beer as we are going to ski school; tomorrow's class starts at 10am sharp.
love under the moon

The adventure continues.....and as for now, some pretty pictures of the full moon in the mountains!!!!  Time for wine and cheese.....

and in the hot tub!!!

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